Friday, December 30

Withholding knowledge is a form of violence.


... on a lighter note, I went away for Christmas this year to the Entrance. I played along the rocks, peering into tiny caves to see what I could find. I came across a sea cucumber! It was black and furry. Kinda reminded me of a weird squishy cat. Oddly cute.

Saturday, December 24

stick with me


I just really like these.

permission for thoughts

Religion should be like a relationship - it's strictly between you and it/them, not to be spoken or gloated. That is what I believe. When it is talked about, that is when it is tainted. When something is truly special and precious, it is not spoken about because it is not necessary for silence is golden. Lovers who have become one, -SOUL TWINS-, they do not gabber like fools but sit together in delicious silence, totally comfortable with each other.

... and that is why preaching is moral violence.
... and that is why forcing your love/obsession is moral violence

Love is not birthed out of force. It flows naturally, like a roaring river.

I always feel odd when I say religion. I find religion to be completely totally evil and satanic, not a way of life. A device to control the weak. I think spirituality is a much better, warmer word. I used to call myself an atheist but now, I do not know. I am spiritual but in a way that only makes sense to me. Say what you will but this is what I have decided.

Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

Let people have their faiths, even if you think it's wrong. It may just be the thing saving them. I only realised this today when I opened my mouth without thinking. I asked for forgiveness and made peace but it left me in deep thought all day... again, silence is golden. Let people be, even if they attack you... let them be because they are suffering and do not know how to handle it. I'm learning this and it will take a long time...


Tuesday, December 13


I'm an human first, artist second, woman third.

Who I was yesterday, it is not the same as today and the same goes for tomorrow. 

Nothing is permanent. 

windmills of my mind